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Lucerne Elementary School
Home of the "Eagles"
Mike Brown
Lucerne Elementary
and District Office

3351 Country Club Drive
P.O. Box 1083
Lucerne, CA  95458

(707) 274-5578
Fax: (707) 274-9865

Lisa Cockerton
Business Manager
November 2, 2011
Dear Parent/Guardian:
The Open Enrollment Act provides an opportunity for parents/students attending one of 1,000 identified "low performing schools" the option to enroll in a different school having a higher Academic Performance Index (API), whether inside or outside their district of residence.

Lucerne Elementary has a 2010 API score of 763, and a 2011 API score of approximately 784.  The API target goal established by the state is 800.  There are many elementary schools with a lower API than Lucerne Elementary that were not identified as "low performing" because of the selection criteria established by the California Department of Education.  A district may not have more than 10% of its schools on the list, therefore, a district with 100 schools may only have 10 schools on the list.  The other 90 schools in the district may have lower API scores than the schools identified as "open enrollment schools", but are not reported as such.

The emergency regulations require a district of residence to notify parents and guardians of students enrolled at one of the 1,000 identified schools of the option to transfer to a higher performing school in the district of residence or to one in another district.  

Our school has been included on the "open enrollment school" list.  You will have the opportunity to apply to enroll in another school with a higher API for the 2012/2013 school year by filing an application to do so no later than December 31, 2011.

Mike Brown 

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